Class of 2017
Brendon Evers- Oklahoma State University
Tanner Griffin- Oklahoma State University (Baseball)
Nic Swanson- Seminole State College (Baseball)
Jay Campbell- Baker University
Cody Adams- Mt. St. Mary's College

Class of 2016
Nic Roller- Missouri Southern
Oliver Pate- University of Central Oklahoma
Kress Woodward- University of Central Oklahoma
Jordan Harbin- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
Cade Cabbiness- Oklahoma State University
Breydon Daniel- Seminole State College

Class of 2015
Blake Cooper- Central Missouri State University
Austin Grotts- University of Tulsa
Casey Saied- Northeastern State University
Justin Williams- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Zach Reynolds- Conners State University

Class of 2014
Chandler Miller- University of Tulsa
Beude Clark- Southwestern College
Matthew Dreyer- Lindenwood University
Justin Williams- NEO/ University of Kansas

Class of 2013
Dillon Hood- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
Caden Gacek- Northwestern Oklahoma State University
DeAndre Jennings- Lamar University
Andrew Pence- William Jewell College
Mason Yelton- Southwest Baptist University
Jake Castillo- Southwest Baptist University
Zack Castillo- Southwest Baptist University
Austin Boyer- Haskell Indian College

Class of 2012
T.J. Eckert- University of Central Oklahoma
Daniel Murray- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Mason Briggs- East Central University

Class of 2011
DeAngelo Jennings- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, Northern Iowa
Andrew Lemon- Missouri Southern State College
Garrett McKenzie- Ft. Scott Community College (KS.)
Michael Nelson- Missouri Southern State College
Cooper Rash- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Austin White- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M

Class of 2010
Dewitt Jennings- University of Tulsa
Taylor Schuyler- University of Central Arkansas
Reed Tims- East Central University
Kameron Kopczynski- Conners State
Kevin Lamb- Oral Roberts University

Class of 2009
Tyler McGrew- East Central University
Jacob Inbody- Northern Oklahoma College
Greg Brown- University of Tulsa

Class of 2008
Beau Bentley- University of Central Oklahoma
Jake Morgan- Northeastern State University
Will Vining- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Will Maxwell- Emporia State University
Ethan Powell- Missouri Southern State College
Taylor McWherter- Missouri Southern State College

Class of 2007
Jared Glover- Oklahoma State University
Chris Harris- University of Kansas

Class of 2006
Marshall Fraley- Olivet Nazarene University
Ben Bailey- Oklahoma State University
Dusty Bratzler- Missouri Southern State College
Next Level Spartans
OCA All-State
Snider Award
Tom Boone POY
Class of 2005
Southwestern College (Kansas)- Ben Tucker

Class of 2004
Justin Kirk- University of Northern Iowa

Class of 2003
Kyle Bundy- Pittsburgh State University

Class of 2002
Shane Davison- University of Tulsa
Jeromie Tucker- East Central University

Class of 2000
Blake Ferguson- University of North Carolina/University of Oklahoma
Brent Davison- University of Central Oklahoma

Class of 1998
Shane Roller- Oklahoma State University

Class of 1992
Mike Roller- Nebraska
Rusty Davis- Pitt State
Jeremiah Johnston- University of Central Oklahoma
Dan Samara- Central Oklahoma

Class of 1991
Jimmy Roller- University of Oklahoma
Chris Griffin- SW Kansas University, University of Central Oklahoma

Class of 1990
Damian Craven- Southwest Missouri
Courtney Brown- Southwestern Kansas
Kevin Sherrill- Redlands College (OK)
Cody Greenfield- Colorado School of Mines

Class of 1989
Tim Sefcik- NEO & OSU
Resh Woodson- NEO, OSU & SE Okla State

Class of 1988
Jason Stubbs- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, UCO
Chris Sefick- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, UCO
Patrick Risner- University of Missouri at Rolla
Keith Roller- Oklahoma State University, University of Tulsa
Karl Jackson- Bakersfield College (CA)
Craig Sherrill- Bethany College (KS)

Class of 1987
Jackie Hood- Air Force/NEO/NSU

Class of 1986
Roger Gibbs- NEO, Oklahoms State
Gil Johnson- Tulsa
Jeff Milford- NEO
Jeff Simpson- Texas Tech

Class of 1984
Glover Bland- NSU

Class of 1983
Todd Krehbel- Northwestern University
Ben Reed- NEO & West Virginia
Victor Moore- Mizzou

Class of 1981
Jackie Jackson- Southwestern Kansas

Class of 1980
Tim Gibbs- University of Tulsa

Class of 1970
Butch Davis- University of Arkansas