Night of Champions
At the Conclusion of Bixby Youth Football Camp each summer our warriors display their talents in front of thousands of fans and youth players where they valiantly attempt to join the Elite in Bixby Football that is known as CLUB 225. Each Player will have four attempts to set a new personal record on the Power Clean. The players that eclipse the 225lb. mark join what is know as CLUB 225. They are given an special edition shirt that is only given to players and coaches who have exhibited that they can full Power Clean 225. These athletes are also put on a special edition poster that is designed specifically for CLUB 225 Members.
Illinois River Float Trip
During SPA (Speed, Power, Agility) training each summer the Spartans float the Illinois River. The team bonds, shares goals, and has a team meeting at the famous "rock." Our dads haul the grill to the camp site landing and have a BBQ for our starving players as the team arrives.
Team Camp College Tour
Each Spring at the conclusion of Team Camp the team tours Oklahoma or Oklahoma State University and has lunch at a local restaurant such as Eskimo Joes as a team.
Fight Song
Fight Song- After each big Victory the Spartans sing the Fight Song in front of Fans, Cheerleaders, and Parents.
Team Breakfast
On Gameday our Momma Spartans provide a great breakfast for the team as the coaches present the players of the week and listen to a guest speaker.